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On Sunday, February 6, 2022, just after midnight, the Lee County Sheriff's Office received a report of a possible shooting and kidnapping at 1098 Deerwood Drive in Elgin. Sgt. Carey Ray and Cpl. Kevin West arrived on scene to find a male subject, later identified as 43-year old David Maxwell, had been shot and killed inside his truck. A 27-year old female, whose identity is being withheld pending further investigation, had been a victim of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Unlawful Restraint.

Arrested was 43-year old Timothy Bradshaw of Elgin. Bradshaw is being held in the Lee County Jail on charges of Unlawful Restraint, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia with bonds totaling $125,200. CID Sgt. Jordan Mastronardi and CID Lt. Vance Weltner are investigating the events that led up to the shooting death of Maxwell.

On the evening of February 7, 2022, the shooting death investigation conducted by the Lee County Sheriff's Office was concluded. Timothy Bradshaw was charged for the Murder of Maxwell with a $500,000.00 bond.