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Civil Division


Subpoenas                              $100.00

Summons                                $100.00

Writ of Attachment                   $150.00

Writ of Garnishment                 $150.00

Orders of Sale                          $150.00

Writ of Sequestration*              $150.00

Writ of Possession*                  $150.00

Forcible Detainer*                    $100.00

Writ of Execution*                    $150.00

Writ of Retrieval                       $150.00

*For service that exceeds 2 hours, additional fee of $30.00 per hour/per deputy.


Service Fees

Small Claims Citation                 $75.00

Justice Court Citation                 $75.00

All Other Courts' Citations          $75.00


Other Service Fees

Executing Deeds & Bills of Sale   $60.00

Posting Notices                              $25.00



For additional questions related to Civil Process, you may call (979) 542-2800 or email your questions to