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The Lee County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division consists of five Sergeants, eleven Patrol Deputies, one SRO Deputy and two Reserve Deputies. Patrol provides 24/7/365 coverage to the citizens of Lee County. A Patrol Deputy can be reached by calling (979) 542-2800 or by email.



Sgt. Joseph Brown
Sgt. Byron Holloway
Sgt. Carey Ray
Sgt. Zachary Strouth
Sgt. Kevin West
Deputy William Crenshaw
Deputy Jaboris Dickerson
Deputy Stephen Dudley
Deputy Benjamin Eickenhorst
Deputy Cari Haman
Deputy John Hammons
Deputy Ezekiel Hilmo
Deputy Jedidiah Hilmo
SRO Deputy Monte Kocurek
Deputy Keith Montgomery
Deputy Jimmy Webber
Deputy John Young


Reserve Deputies

Deputy Stephen Stem
Deputy Timothy Terpstra