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Inmate Escapes from District Court


      VIATOR.jpg      M VIATOR

On August 21, 2018 at approx. 9:00AM, an inmate from the Lee County Jail escaped custody. Inmate Brandon Viator was being escorted to District Court with other inmates when he was able to remove one of his leg shackles and took off running. A witness saw Viator get into a white Toyota Tacoma that went north on Burleson Street towards Hwy 290. Officers were searching the area when the vehicle was spotted in Paige, where the pursuit began. The inmate dropped off a female subject at a convenience store in Paige. The female was later identified as Madge Viator, mother of the escapee and owner of the vehicle.

The pursuit reached up to 105 MPH and ended in Bastrop County at Hwy 21 and Hwy 95. Before Viator was taken into custody, he had exited the vehicle carrying a 357 lever action rifle that was in a gun case in the vehicle. Multiple agencies were involved in the pursuit. No injuries were reported.

Viator, 46 of Giddings, will be charged with Escape. The charge will be added to his current charges of Violation of Probation/Unlawful Possession Firearm by Felon and Probation Violation Felony/Deadly Conduct. Madge Viator, 66 of Giddings, will be charged with Permit Facilitate Escape. Both are in custody at the Lee County Jail.