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Sheriff Garrett Durrenberger


11/13/2023 - 11/19/2023



Citizen came to sheriff's office to report that he received a check from the sale barn, but he hadn't sold any livestock. Matter investigated and determined there to be a mix-up with two men of the same name.

Caller reported a verbal disturbance at her residence on FM 180. Deputies responded and the involved parties were separated without incident.

Deputies responded to Nails Creek Park on a report of concerns for a male individual's mental health. Subject was given a courtesy ride.

Caller reported a disturbance between a male and female. Deputies responded to investigate.

Citizen reported her neighbor walking on her property on CR 219. Deputies responded and returned the female neighbor to her residence without incident.

Citizen reported a vehicle spot lighting on CR 213. A Deputy had previously checked on these individuals during a routine patrol.

Caller reported a disturbance on CR 302 between a male and female. Deputies arrived to investigate, and the suspect had fled the scene. The other party was transported by EMS.

Deputies responded to a disturbance on FM 141. The parties were located, and the complainant did not want to file charges for assault.



Sergeant responded to a vacant residence on Hwy 290 East to remove abandoned dogs to the animal shelter.

Citizen from CR 306 called for assistance with a neighbor blocking her drive with logs. Deputies responded and the roadway was cleared.

Citizen from complex on Hwy 290 West called to report a male family member that was refusing to leave her residence. Deputies responded to investigate, and the male subject was given a courtesy ride.

Sergeant checked out on two motorists on Hwy 290 East. The matter was determined to be a road-rage incident where that was resolved by Deputies.

Deputies conducted felony warrant service on FM 141 for a wanted subject. Male subject was arrested and transported to Lee County Jail without incident.



Citizen called to report a stray dog that killed one of his livestock on FM 1697. Caller spoke with a Deputy who informed them of their rights to protect their property.

Citizen came to speak with a Deputy regarding a civil matter.

Citizen came to speak with a Deputy regarding a Theft. Information was forwarded to Lexington PD for investigation.

Citizen came to speak with a Deputy regarding a civil matter.

Caller requested a vehicle unlock on Hwy 290 West. Deputy responded but was unable to assist as the caller was not the registered owner of the vehicle.

A diligent Deputy was patrolling CR 309 at midnight and noted several open mailboxes. Information was documented in case mail theft is reported.

Deputy located a suspicious vehicle parked off FM 619. Vehicle determined to be security for pipeline.

Citizen reported loud music in the area of 5th and Hale Street in Lexington. Deputies responded, located the source of noise, and the music was lowered.

Deputy checked a suspicious vehicle at a business on SH 21 West. Person was identified as an employee.

Deputy checked a suspicious vehicle in Lincoln. Person was identified to be a pipeline worker.



Deputy responded to a report of animal cruelty on CR 419. Animals were checked and plenty of feed and water were present.

Citizen requested a vehicle unlock on East Austin Street. Deputy responded to assist.

Citizen requested a vehicle unlock on Hwy 290 West. Deputy responded to assist.

Deputies responded to a verbal disturbance on Gary Street. Parties were separated.

After midnight, a Deputy checked on a suspicious vehicle at Lexington Memorial Park. Vehicle was unoccupied and secure.

Sergeant checked on a golf cart driver on Avenue G. Determined to be a resident who lived nearby.

Sergeant checked on a suspicious vehicle parked at the Lexington ISD admin building. Vehicle unoccupied and secure. Building secure.

Sergeant checked a suspicious vehicle parked behind a convenience store in Dime Box. All okay.

Deputy checked on a female subject walking at 4:00 a.m. on Hwy 290 West. Subject was checked for warrants and provided a courtesy ride to the travel plaza on SH 21 in Bastrop County.

Deputy removed a hog carcass from roadway on FM 696 West.



Deputies were notified of an injured owl on SH 21. Game Warden was notified, and Deputies responded to locate the animal, which had to be dispatched.

Citizen reported a suspicious vehicle parked near their driveway on CR 403. Deputy responded to patrol the area; however, the vehicle was gone upon arrival. Close Patrol in effect.

Deputies escorted the Lexington Eagle Football team thru the County enroute to their playoff game.

Citizen reported their mailbox was knocked over on CR 114. Deputy responded to investigate.

Deputies assisted DPS with a two-vehicle crash on Hwy 290 West.

Caller from Gary Street called to speak with a Deputy regarding a civil matter.

Caller from Giddings Street reported a reckless driver. North end Deputy was handling another call at the time. Deputy patrolled the area, unable to locate.

Citizen requested Deputies for a verbal disturbance on Hwy 77 North. Deputies responded and were able to quell the matter.

Deputies assisted Giddings PD Officer with a traffic stop on East Hempstead Street.



Deputies responded to an address on Clark Lane in regard to a disturbance. The involved parties were arguing over dogs. Report taken.

Citizen reported reckless driving in Lexington. Deputies responded but the vehicle was not located.

Deputies conducted a welfare check on a child at the request of the parent. All okay.

Citizen came to the sheriff's office to speak with a Sergeant about a civil matter.

Motorist called 911 to report that their vehicle broke down on SH 21 and was blocking the roadway. Deputies responded to assist.

Sheriff assisted an individual find their lost keys at the Loebau Fest.

Motorist reported a crash with a deer on SH 21 West. Deputies and a Trooper responded.

Lexington PD Officer was on a traffic stop with a wanted subject. Deputy responded to assist. One male subject transported to Lee County Jail.



Citizen reported a male subject walking with a pellet gun on Cherry Drive stating someone was in his camper. Deputies responded, identified the subject, and determined that no one was in his camper.

Citizen from FM 180 reported a trespasser on their property. Deputies responded and determined from caller's relatives that the individual had permission to perform work on the property.

Deputy assisted complainant with a civil stand-by at a residence on FM 448.



Lee County Deputies handled 26 loose livestock calls and conducted 119 traffic stops for this reporting period.


We pray that each and every one enjoys a blessed Thanksgiving. The lights never turn off at the sheriff's office. We are a phone call away if you need us.


Respectfully yours,

Garrett Durrenberger

Sheriff, Lee County