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Sheriff Garrett Durrenberger


11/6/2023 - 11/12/2023



Sheriff assisted GPD at a local bank. One female arrested by GPD on warrant.

Sergeant responded to a minor collision at Dime Box ISD where one vehicle backed into another.

Citizen reported a vehicle parked at the back entrance to her property on CR 226. Deputy responded and assisted motorist who was out of fuel.

Citizen reported estray livestock on his property at PR 3232. Info taken on a young, black and white face with horns.

Apartment manager requested welfare check on a tenant at complex on Hwy 290 W. One deceased female was located as a result. Autopsy ordered by JP. Active investigation.

Citizen requested a Deputy to First Street in Lexington for a criminal trespass. Criminal Trespass Notice served to one male subject.

Citizen reported a missing bull from CR 414. Sergeant responded to investigate.

Deputy checked a suspicious van parked at Blue VFD.

Caller requested a Deputy check on a motorist on SH 21 Old Dime Box. Deputy arrived and determined the vehicle was involved in a minor crash. Report taken; motorist assisted.

Deputy assisted DPS Trooper with a vehicle traveling 100 miles per hour west bound on Hwy 290 E.

Deputies responded to 6 loose livestock calls.



Caller requested a welfare check on a child who knocking on an apartment door and no one was answering. Deputy responded and handled the matter.

Citizen report of a suspicious vehicle at a business on Hwy 77 N in Lexington. Chief Garza and Deputy checked on the stranded motorist.

Citizen came to meet with an Investigator for a Theft of Services.

Deputy assisted a motorist on Hwy 290 E who ran out of fuel.

Citizen reported a vehicle fire on Hope Street. Deputies and GVFD responded to the scene. Information report taken.

Motorist reported a semi-truck and trailer blocking a lane of traffic on SH 21 E. Deputy responded and there was a wrecker enroute.

Deputies responded to 8 loose livestock calls.



Citizen on FM 2440 reported 8 head of livestock in his backyard. Deputy responded to help moo-ve them.

Life 360 alerted Dispatch of a crash alert on Hwy 77 S between CR 223 and 217. Deputy checked the area and was unable to locate a crash.

Sheriff, Chief Deputy and Deputies assisted Dime Box VFD with funeral escort and traffic control on SH 21 and FM 141.

Citizen reported a suspicious gray Chevy Impala in the Country Club area. Sheriff and Deputies responded and patrolled the area; however, the vehicle was gone upon arrival.

Caller requested EMS to a residence on CR 135 for his father. Deputies and Investigators responded to the scene along with Lee County EMS. One male transported for treatment.

Dispatch received a 911 call from a female screaming for help. Deputies and Lexington PD responded to FM 112 where it was determined that a male subject was bitten as he attempted to separate two dogs that were fighting.

Deputies assisted GPD with disturbance on Old Nails Creek Rd.

Citizen on FM 141 reported a male subject walking down FM 141 and cursing to himself. Sergeant located the individual and provided him a courtesy ride.

Deputies responded to 8 loose livestock calls.



Life 360 alerted Dispatch of an SOS from a subscriber on CR 326. Deputies responded to check on the matter. Upon investigation, it was determined that the family dog ran off with the phone and set off the SOS.

Deputies responded to 5 loose livestock calls.



Deputies were summoned to assist with traffic control on Hwy 290 E.

Caller reported a female walking on FM 180. Deputy responded to check on the individual, however she was gone upon arrival.

Deputy removed dead hog from roadway on SH 21 E.

Caller from Second Street in Lexington reported an intoxicated male subject trying to open her door. Deputies responded to the scene, but the male had left in a blue sedan prior to arrival.

Caller reported a disturbance on SH 21 E at midnight. Caller stated there was a fight and her boyfriend took her phone. Sheriff and Deputies responded. Investigation revealed that the suspect interfered with an emergency call to 911. The suspect was arrested and transported to Lee County Jail without incident.

Deputies located a reported reckless driver on Hwy 290 E. All okay.

Deputies responded to 5 loose livestock calls.



Caller reported a suspicious truck on CR 114 that appeared to be looking for a place to dump trash. Deputies responded and found the subjects who were hunting arrow heads.

Deputy checked on a stranded motorist on Hwy 290 W and provided a courtesy ride.

Dispatch received a 911 call from a residence on FM 2440. Deputies and GPD responded. Parties were involved in a verbal disturbance and were separated.

Motorist reported that she had crashed into a cow on SH 21 near CR 103. Her vehicle was drive-able and she was off the roadway. Deputies responded to make a crash report.

Deputies responded to 4 loose livestock calls.



911 call reporting a motorcycle crash on SH 21/FM 141. Deputies, Trooper, LCEMS, and Dime Box VFD responded to the scene. One patient transported for medical treatment.

Female caller requested courtesy ride back to her residence on FM 2440. Deputy provided the ride and counseled both parties about the disturbance the night before.

Citizen from CR 305 requested a vehicle unlock as her dogs had locked themselves and her keys in her vehicle. Deputy responded to assist with the vehicle unlock.

Citizen on FM 180 called to request assistance with his neighbor's hogs that run free. Deputy made location and handled the matter.

Caller requested assistance with a vehicle unlock at a restaurant in Giddings. Deputy responded to assist.

Dispatch received a 911 call reporting a domestic disturbance on CR 405. Sheriff, Deputies, and a Trooper responded. The female and children were met at the Lexington Park. The male subject arrived on scene and Deputies assisted with a civil stand-by. Parties were separated and an incident report was taken.

Caller reported a suspicious male subject walking thru the trailer park on Hwy 290 E. Deputies located the individual who was a stranded motorist on Hwy 290 E. Deputies provided assistance.

Deputy checked on a vehicle parked in the Manheim Church parking lot overnight.

Caller reported to 911 that she and a male subject were arguing over a vehicle. Deputies responded to the verbal disturbance and the parties were separated.

Deputies responded to 5 loose livestock calls.



Animals kept our Deputies busy with over 40 loose livestock calls. Some of these calls are repeat calls where fences are in poor condition. Unfortunately, such cases will cause livestock owners to receive citations in the future. One vehicle hit a cow on SH 21, luckily the driver was not injured.

There were even 2 dogs causing issues, with one taking a cell phone and causing an alert, and another locking an owner out of their vehicle.


The Veteran's Day breakfast was very well attended. We remain grateful for our Veterans each and every day.


Respectfully yours,

Garrett Durrenberger

Sheriff, Lee County