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Sheriff Garrett Durrenberger


10/23/2023 - 10/29/2023



Deputy responded to a one vehicle crash at SH 21/CR 430. Crash report taken by DPS.

Deputy assisted Giddings PD with a vehicle in the ditch on Hwy 290 West. Vehicle was removed by a wrecker with no property damage.

Deputy went out to FM 141 for a welfare check on the complainant's mother. All okay.

Deputies responded to seven loose livestock calls.



Motorist reported a camper that fell off of his truck on Hwy 290 East. Deputy advised tow truck was already on scene and helped pick up the camper.


Complainant advised that someone stole his truck from CR 436. Deputy located vehicle and report was taken.


Deputy responded to a call about vandalism in Dime Box. Report was taken.


Deputy was flagged down by a motorist on Hwy 21 at FM 1624. The battery was dead, and the vehicle would be staying overnight at the store.


Deputies responded to eight livestock calls.



Deputy encountered a male subject walking, who stated he had an argument with his wife and would be walking back to Bryan. No report.

One male subject was arrested subsequent to a warrant service on Hwy 290 East. Subject was transported and turned over to Washington County SO.

Citizen reported that someone ran thru their parent's fence on CR 205. Deputy responded to investigate.

Motorist reported that she locked her keys and her baby inside her vehicle. Deputies responded to unlock the vehicle.

Deputy assisted Giddings PD with a suspicious person on N. Main St.

Deputies responded to three loose livestock calls.



Chief Deputy and Sergeant responded to the Dime Box ISD playground to remove a raccoon. The animal was dispatched and transported to the animal shelter for testing.

Deputies went out to CR 430 for a welfare check after the postal service reported the mail hadn't been checked for some time. All was okay.

Citizen from Main St. in Lexington called regarding two stray dogs in her yard. Deputy responded however there was no answer at the residence and the dogs were not located.

Sergeant provided a courtesy ride for a stranded motorist to await their wrecker at the travel plaza.

Deputies responded to a disturbance at a residence on FM 448. A male subject was intoxicated in his home but was not a danger to himself or others. No report.

Deputy made a traffic stop on Hwy 77. After further investigation the driver was found to have an out-of-county warrant along with drug paraphernalia. One transported to Lee County Jail.

Deputies responded to five loose livestock calls.



Motorist report of a reckless driver on SH 21, a box truck with no lights on. Deputy located the vehicle at a truck stop in Dime Box and educated the driver.

Deputies responded to a burglary of a building report on CR 138. Deputies met with the complainant at the scene to investigate and make a report.

Deputy removed a deer carcass from N. County Line Rd.

Citizen reported that her gate had been tampered with on CR 412. Deputy responded to investigate and make a report. Close patrol in effect.

Motorist reported to 911 that she was in a single vehicle crash on SH 21/CR 326. Sergeant responded to investigate and make report.

Deputies responded to SH 21/CR 402 for a one vehicle rollover crash. Dime Box VFD and Lee County EMS responded as well. Deputies took crash report.

Motorist reported a minor two vehicle crash on Hwy 77/CR 438. Deputies took crash report.

Complainant reported to the Chief Deputy that she is receiving threats from another. Information taken for a report. Criminal Trespass Warning issued.

Deputy located a subject on Hwy 290 who was involved in a crash near Dairy Queen. Subject was turned over to Giddings PD.

Citizen reported a suspicious vehicle parked in front of his property. Sergeant responded to investigate, but the vehicle was gone upon arrival.

Dispatch received a noise complaint from the area of CR 311/CR 308. Deputy responded and located the party, which was shutting down.

Deputies responded to four loose livestock calls.



Motorist reported an injured dog on the side of Hwy 290 West. Deputy responded and checked the area but was unable to locate the animal.

Motorist reported that she was in a minor two vehicle crash at the corner of Third and Rockdale St. in Lexington. Deputy responded to investigate and make a report.

Citizen reported 8-10 people trespassing on his property on CR 137. Deputy responded and determined the people were pipeline workers, who were working on the pipeline.

Dispatch received multiple 911 calls reporting a male that was jumping in front of traffic on FM 141 near Lee County EMS. Deputies and Giddings PD officers were unable to locate.

Citizen reported a suspicious vehicle in front of his property. Deputies responded and the vehicle was gone upon arrival. Close patrol in effect.

Giddings PD officers advised of a vehicle traveling 95 miles per hour thru town. Deputy attempted to catch up to the reckless driver but lost sight of the vehicle in Carmine. Info passed to Washington Co.

Deputy checked on a suspicious person at a business on Hwy 77 S. All okay.

Deputies responded to a mental health crisis at a residence in Lexington. All was okay and resources for assistance were shared with the family members.

Deputies responded to five loose livestock calls.



Citizen reported a young man sitting on his tailgate with flashers on at Hwy 21/CR 327 and she requested a deputy check on him. Deputies responded and met with the male who had ran out of fuel. The passenger had left on foot to get fuel but now their battery was dead. Deputies assisted the two and they were back on the road.

Citizen reported a rumbling noise from a pipeline on CR 128. Deputy responded and met with a pipeline worker who was on scene making repair.

Caller reported a vehicle with no license plates traveling well below the speed limit on Hwy 290 West. Deputy located the vehicle and citation was issued to the driver.

Deputy reported two dogs ran up to him during a traffic stop, which had caused a traffic hazard. Deputy took possession of the dogs and transported them to the animal shelter until the owner could be located.

Citizen reported a vehicle parked in the ditch on CR 430. Sergeant responded and arrived as did the wrecker coming to assist the driver who was stuck.

While on patrol, Deputy observed a pole sparking on FM 1624/SH 21. Bluebonnet was contacted.

Deputies responded to 28 loose livestock calls this week.



Congratulations to the Giddings, Dime Box, and Lexington volleyball programs for making the playoffs! Be sure to check on your elderly family, friends, and neighbors with the colder temperatures.


Respectfully yours,

Garrett Durrenberger

Sheriff, Lee County