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Sheriff Garrett Durrenberger


8/28/2023 - 9/3/2023



Deputy checked on abandoned vehicle on FM 696 W. TXDOT was notified of road damage from vehicle missing a front tire.

Deputy conducted a follow up investigation at Lexington Police Dept.

Sergeant conducted a follow up investigation on CR 302.

Deputies conducted a welfare check on an individual after receiving a call from a Hotline. All okay.

Trooper provided a courtesy ride to an individual on Hwy 77 N in Lexington.

Deputy responded to an animal complaint in Lexington.

Citizen came to the Office to report suspicious activity on FM 1697. Deputies met with the individual and assisted to make sure the property was safe.



Deputy tagged an abandoned vehicle on FM 696 W.

Deputy responded to CR 325 to assist a citizen with a vehicle unlock.

Deputy met with citizen at the Office in regard to a civil matter.

Deputy assisted motorist in recovering a car part that fell off a rental vehicle on Hwy 77 N.

Caller reported a suspicious person walking in Dime Box. The Deputy was cancelled after the caller called back to report he was a resident.

Motorist report of reckless driver on SH 21 near Burleson County line. Deputy located the vehicle, and a traffic stop was conducted. All okay.



Deputy conducted a traffic stop at Hwy 77/FM 3403. Driver was arrested for outstanding warrant and was transported to Lee County Jail.

Deputy assisted Troopers with traffic stop on Hwy 290 E. Four individuals were transported to the Sheriff's Office and two were booked into Lee County Jail.

LCSO Investigators and Deputies conducted warrant service on CR 415. Three suspects were arrested on outstanding warrants and transported to Lee County Jail.

Deputies conducted welfare check on individual on CR 326. Individual was released to family member.

Deputies conducted welfare check on CR 120, however the individual no longer lives at the address provided.

Deputy conducted a follow up investigation with complainant on CR 135.

Motorist report of reckless driver on Hwy 77 N. Deputy conducted a traffic stop. All okay.

Deputies and Lexington VFD responded to a structure fire on Cherry Drive in Lexington. Information forwarded to Lexington PD for investigation.



Caller reported a dog in the roadway at Hwy 77 N/CR 114. Sheriff checked the area, unable to locate.

Citizen report of a black four-wheeler on CR 308 and CR 311. Driver appeared to have been taking photos of homes in the area. Deputies were unable to locate. Close patrol in effect.

Report of illegal dumping on CR 133. A washing machine and trash was located. The case is under investigation as photos were taken of the suspect vehicle.

Deputies responded to assist with wide load on Hwy 290 W.

Deputies assisted Giddings PD with a disturbance on Globe Hill Rd.

SRO Deputy worked a minor crash that occurred in the Lexington High School parking lot.

Deputy conducted a follow up investigation on FM 141.

Deputy assisted Giddings PD with translation on a call.

Chief Deputy conducted a motorist assist on SH 21 in Manheim. All okay.



Sergeant spoke with a resident on Hwy 290 E. in reference to an animal complaint.

Deputy took a report of an attempted burglary on CR 304. Report taken and close patrol in effect.

Lee County Investigators and Deputies conducted warrant service just inside Milam County. One suspect arrested and transported to Lee County Jail.

Citizen report of dog with puppies on Yegua Street in Lexington. Deputy responded, however the animal shelter was unavailable. Options provided to the caller.

Manager of business on Hwy 77 in Lexington called for a Criminal Trespass Notice to be served on an individual. Deputies responded but the subject was gone upon arrival. Information gathered.

Dispatch received multiple 9-1-1 hang up calls from Hale Street in Lexington. Deputy made location and the owner advised it was accidental dials from a broken phone.

Sergeant checked on a male subject walking on FM 141 at night. Subject given courtesy ride.



Deputies checked on an abandoned vehicle in Manheim.

Deputy assisted Constable Pct. 4 with civil process in Lincoln.

Sergeant provided a vehicle unlock at business in Giddings.

Deputy assisted motorist on SH 21/CR 432 who had run out of gas.

Deputies worked traffic enforcement on SH 21 from Manheim to Dime Box after traffic complaints from citizens.

Reserve Deputy assisted with a wide load to the Bastrop County line on Hwy 290 W.

Deputy met with complainants at the Office for follow up reports.

Citizen report of a truck driving down CR 118 throwing out beer cans. Deputy responded but was unable to locate the vehicle. Close patrol in effect.

Deputies and Dime Box VFD responded to an RV fire on Hwy 21 E. Fire extinguished and information report taken.

Caller reported several subjects out on FM 3403 trying to fight with guns involved. Deputies arrived but the suspects were gone upon arrival. Information was gathered for a report and follow up.

Deputies responded to loud noise complaint at an apartment complex on Hwy 290 W. All okay.



Parks & Wildlife reported a minor crash. Deputy and Trooper responded to take a crash report.

Sergeant assisted Giddings PD with a courtesy ride to La Grange. Fayette County was notified.

Deputies and Dime Box VFD responded to a fire on CR 428. Fire was extinguished and information was gathered for report.

Deputy responded to CR C for a report of animal cruelty. Animals were checked. No report.

A business owner on Hwy 77 in Lexington reported an individual refusing to leave their business. Deputies responded to the scene and the subject had left the property.

Deputies responded to 15 loose livestock calls.



Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Dime Box VFD had a very good fundraiser. Keep supporting our volunteers!  


Respectfully yours,

Garrett Durrenberger

Sheriff, Lee County