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Press Release Regarding Threat at Lexington ISD


On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, the Lexington Independent School District received a report of an adult male having contact with students on Snapchat about bringing firearms to the school in order to commit mass murder. According to the reporting party, the adult male sent pictures of the firearms to the students. Sheriff Goetz and Captain Mastronardi met with Lexington Police Department Chief Garza, Constable Stephens, and school officials and opted to close the Lexington School District due to the threat.


Proactive measures were put in place and a statewide bulletin was sent to law enforcement agencies regarding the threat, the possible suspect, and the suspected vehicles. The Lee County Sheriff's Office, Lexington PD, Lee County Constable Precinct 3, and Texas DPS covered the roadways near the school in an attempt to locate the suspects and deter any criminal activity. Captain Mastronardi and School Resource Deputy L. Brown spoke with the suspects involved and after a thorough investigation had been conducted, it was determined the allegations were fictitious and manifested by several students from the Lexington Middle School. The adult male mentioned by the reporting party was found not to be involved in any way. The firearms in the photos which were posted on the social media site were taken from the internet. The Sheriff's Office will file appropriate charges against the involved party(ies) for the threats against the school and the disruption of services.