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Sheriff Rodney Meyer began issuing Rifle-Resistant Body Armor to patrol deputies of the Lee County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office was able to purchase rifle-resistant vests at no cost to the citizens of Lee County by using funds granted through the Rifle-Resistant Body Armor Grant Program offered by the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor's Office. The purpose of this program is to provide funds to eligible law enforcement agencies to equip eligible law enforcement officers with bullet-resistant personal body armor compliant with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standard for rifle protection. The Sheriff's Office purchased 12 rifle-resistant vests, one for each patrol deputy, at a total cost of $5,832. The Sheriff's Office began the process of purchasing these vests in August 2019 by applying for the grant. Once the grant was approved and a vendor was chosen, the vests were purchased in March and received in July. These vests will be worn as needed in addition to their bullet resistant vests.