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MeetUp Spot


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The Lee County Sheriff's Office has partnered with OfferUp to create a safe environment for strangers to exchange items they have purchased online. The OfferUp MeetUp Spots program will help eliminate the need for two strangers to exchange items at a home or residence. These MeetUp Spots will help deter criminal intent and activity. OfferUp is on a mission to build the simplest and most trustworthy local buying and selling experience. Individuals can download their free iOS and Android apps to help sell items allowing people to find and shop for great deals in and around their communities. The MeetUp Spot at the Sheriff's Office is a designated, monitored area for individuals to complete a transaction. OfferUp's MeetUp Spots are an easy way for us to help keep our community safer. So next time you have an online or mobile marketplace transaction, make sure you MeetUp at the Sheriff's Office for the exchange.