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SHERIFF'S REPORT - MAY 20 to MAY 26, 2024




Sheriff Garrett Durrenberger


5/20/2024 - 5/26/2024



Deputies, JP3, Blue VFD, and LCEMS responded to an inquest at a residence on Warren Rd.

Complainant called in from CR 304 to report puppies that had been dumped. Deputy responded to transport them to the animal shelter.

Sheriff responded to Lincoln to assist a caller with a snake underneath her vehicle.

Complainant reported that his gun which was stolen in April; had now been found in his mailbox. Deputy responded to verify and remove the firearm from the database.

Deputy responded to adult probation for a female with an active warrant. Female arrested and secured in Lee County Jail.

Deputy met with a complainant at the office, who reported that their tires were cut while at the county fair.

Complainant from CR 348 requested assistance with a raccoon inside their house. Deputies responded but were cancelled as the homeowner was able to remove the critter.

Deputy took an assault report at the Lee County Jail.

Complainant on CR 418 reported suspects stealing pipe from his property. Deputies responded to investigate.

Complainant reported a blue dually illegally dumping at Hwy 77/CR 327. Deputies patrolled the area; however the vehicle was gone upon arrival.

Complainant called from their residence on SH 21 to request assistance with a juvenile matter.

Complainant on FM 180 reported a neighbor making threats after being served an eviction notice. Deputies responded to investigate.



Deputy responded to CR 451 on a report of a white suburban dropping off a dog. Deputy responded but was unable to locate the vehicle or the animal.

Deputy responded to CR 200 after complainant reported someone dumped wood debris on his driveway.

Deputy made a traffic stop on East Austin St. for a moving violation. The driver was found to have an out-of-county warrant. Subject was arrested and secured in Lee County Jail.

Complainant reported animal cruelty on CR 107. Deputy responded to investigate.

Deputies assisted with funeral escort from Giddings to Ledbetter.

Deputy assisted Trooper with traffic stop at FM 180/Hwy 290. One suspect arrested and transported to Lee County Jail.

Deputy conducted welfare check on CR 217 in regard to a juvenile matter.

Deputies conducted a requested welfare check on an individual on CR 306.



Sheriff observed a reckless driver southbound on FM 448. A traffic stop was made near PR 4489. The driver was released with a warning.

Deputies assisted GPD with a disturbance at a convenience store on E. Austin St.

Caller reported a suspicious white convertible driving slowly and stopping in front of houses on CR 317. LPD Chief and Deputy located the vehicle and occupants on FM 112. Subjects were cited and released.

Deputies responded to a verbal disturbance on Hwy 290 East. Deputies met with the reporting party, but the aggressor had left scene prior to arrival.

Deputies responded to a verbal disturbance on CR 130. Three subjects were issued criminal trespass notices.

Caller reported two men with flashlights digging through a bush at the corner of Ave A and Hester St. Close patrol in effect.

Motorist reported a white BMW with severe damage and a small dead calf nearby. Deputy responded to investigate, and a wrecker was summoned to remove the crashed vehicle.

Motorist reported a white sedan traveling eastbound on Hwy 290 in a reckless manner. Deputy located and stopped the vehicle and contacted the female driver. The female resisted arrest but was arrested and transported to Lee County Jail after narcotics were located.



Deputy assisted GPD with disturbance on W. Austin St.

Motorist reported a black semi driving recklessly on Hwy 77/CR 418. Vehicle was located and stopped by LPD and Deputy. Driver released with warning.

Deputies conducted a requested welfare check on an individual at their residence on SH 21 East.

Deputies assisted with a funeral escort in Giddings.

Complainant reported criminal mischief to a mailbox on CR 309. Deputy responded to investigate.

Sheriff responded to CR 306 on a welfare check for an individual.

Complainant from CR 309 reported contractors on their property attempting to bury toxic waste. Deputy responded to investigate and make report.



Dispatch received a 911 call from a Apple watch reporting that the owner was in a crash. Deputy responded to investigate, but the caller reported that their phone had only fallen off their vehicle.

Complainant from FM 180 reported an individual was at their driveway making threats. Deputies and Trooper responded to the residence; where the male suspect was arrested on outstanding Lee County warrants and secured in Lee County Jail.

Caller requested assistance with a snake in a building on CR 430. Deputy and LPD officer responded to assist.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 290 West. A probable cause search was performed, and the driver was arrested for possession of marihuana and booked into Lee County Jail.

Caller from CR 410 reported the neighbor was bleeding and requesting help. LPD, Deputies, and LCEMS responded to the scene. Deputies concluded that an assault had taken place and the suspect had fled the scene. Warrants pending for the suspect.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 290 East. A probable cause search was performed, and the driver was arrested for possession of marihuana, possession of controlled substance, and unlawful carrying of weapon. Driver was booked into Lee County Jail.



Deputy assisted motorist with a vehicle unlock at a convenience store in Lexington.

Motorist reported an older male subject in the middle of CR 107 trying to stop cars. Deputies located and warned the individual to stay off the roadway.

Complainant report animal cruelty on Rockdale St. Deputy responded to investigate.

Caller reported a disturbance between and male and female in the 9300 block of N. Hwy 77. Deputies responded to the scene to investigate the matter. The male subject had fled prior to arrival.

Dispatch received an automated crash detection alert from an Apple iPhone on Hwy 290 East. Deputies, Troopers, and LCEMS responded but no crash was located.

Citizen reported finding a cell phone and firearm on the side of CR 415 East while riding his scooter. Deputy responded to identify and take possession of the items for safekeeping until the owner can be verified.

Deputies responded to a requested welfare check on CR 309.



Motorist reported a one vehicle crash vs. deer on SH 21. Deputy responded to investigate. Deer was removed from roadway, vehicle was towed by wrecker, and driver was given courtesy ride to the sheriff's office.

Dispatch received a 911 call from CR 211. The number called 911 multiple times. Deputies, Troopers, and GPD eventually located the vehicle that the phone was in at Hwy 77/FM 448. False alarm.

Sergeant responded to Westwood Ln to assist citizen with vehicle unlock.

Deputy was approached at a store in Dime Box by a citizen who reported finding a cell phone. The Deputy took possession of the phone for safekeeping until the owner can be identified.

Complainant reported a verbal disturbance amongst family members at a residence on FM 141. Deputies and Trooper responded to quell the arguing. Parties were separated.

Motorist reported a crash on Hwy 77 North. Deputies, Trooper, LCEMS, and Giddings Fire responded to the scene. Crash report made by DPS.

Deputies responded to a verbal disturbance at a residence on SH 21 West. Parties separated.

Complainant from CR 106 reported their ex-spouse was intoxicated and left with their children in the vehicle. Deputy located the vehicle on SH 21 in Old Dime Box where a traffic stop was conducted. The driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated and the children were released to family at the scene.


Lee County Deputies handled 16 loose livestock calls and responded to 8 false alarm 911 calls.


Congratulations to all of our Class of 2024 Lee County graduates!


Respectfully yours,

Garrett Durrenberger

Sheriff, Lee County