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Sheriff Garrett Durrenberger


04/22/2024 - 04/28/2024



Deputy assisted LPD with shoplifter at a local business. Individual received citation and criminal trespass warning.

Deputy responded to CR 114 to investigate fence damage.

Complainant from PR 7046 reported two guns stolen from vehicle. Deputy responded to investigate.

Deputy completed a requested welfare check on CR 345.



Deputies responded to a verbal disturbance at Shady Oaks. Parties separated.

Individual came to the Office to update his address for the sex offender registry. Individual was arrested on warrant for failure to update address.

Medical facility contacted LCSO to report male subject with gunshot wound from Lee County. Info passed to criminal investigations. No foul play suspected.

Sergeant conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 290 West for a violation. One male subject was arrested and transported to Lee County Jail for Tampering with Government Documents.



Taylor PD reported a stolen box truck, and the vehicle is tracking on FM 112. LPD and Constable Pct. 3 located said vehicle and attempted to stop. Vehicle failed to yield. Deputies and Trooper joined until the vehicle hit tire deflation device at Rockdale. One male subject booked into Lee County Jail.

Deputy responded to CR 329 on a report of sheep on the neighbor's property.

Deputy responded to CR 233 about chickens and ducks on the road.

Deputy assisted with funeral escort in Lexington.

Citizen reported a suspicious white pickup truck with out-of-state license plates driving slow and parking in driveways in the 4000 Block CR 117. Deputies responded to patrol the area; however, the truck was gone upon arrival.



Caller reported a low flying yellow and white plane in the Dime Box area.

Deputy assisted Jailers with combative inmate in the violent cell.

Complainant called 911 to report a male subject who made forced entry into their apartment on Westwood Lane. GPD responded and detained one male suspect. Deputies arrived to investigate, and the male was arrested and transported to Lee County Jail.



Deputy responded to FM 448 on a report of illegal dumping. Deputy made contact with a vehicle that was at the scene.

Deputy checked on a school bus that was parked on FM 141. All okay.

Deputy responded to an address on PR 4423 after a concerned neighbor reported a blue car at the gate. The vehicle was gone upon arrival and the property was secure.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on FM 141. One male subject was arrested for possession of marihuana and transported to Lee County Jail.



Sheriff and Deputies assisted with funeral escort from Giddings to Antioch Cemetery.

Motorist reported a vehicle blocking the roadway on SH 21/CR 426. Chief Deputy located the vehicle that was stopped for a turtle crossing. Both were removed from the roadway.

Deputy responded to crisis intervention on CR 326.

Deputies assisted LPD with welfare check/inquest on Cherry Dr.

Several callers reported loud music on CR E. Deputy responded to the source and the volume was lowered.

Sergeant performed vehicle unlock on CR 411.

Deputy transported a female subject to an out-of-county facility for treatment.

Complainant reported a suspicious person walking on CR 415. Deputies responded and located the white male subject at the Tanglewood VFD. No offense committed.

Complainant reported the music was loud again on CR E. Deputy responded and the music was turned off.

Medical facility reported a sexual assault victim. Deputies took information for report and investigation.

Caller reported loud music on PR 5025.

Dispatch received a report of a fight on Hwy 290 West. Caller reported that two men were fighting, and one was stabbed with a knife. Deputies responded to the scene. One male suspect was arrested for Aggravated Robbery and transported to Lee County Jail.

Caller reported suspicious vehicles parked near their driveway. Deputies responded to investigate. Caller then reported gunfire. Sergeant located one vehicle and identified the occupants for further investigation.

Caller reported loud music on PR 5025.

Commercial burglar alarm was activated at a business in Lexington. Deputy responded and found the business to be secure.

Deputy responded to PR 5025 but was unable to locate the source of the noise complaint.



Deputy responded to the 9100 Block of Hwy 77 North for several loose livestock. Deputy located fence damage from what appeared to be an unreported crash. Report taken.

Sergeant responded to CR 340 for a dog bite victim.

Complainant reported Kawasaki Mule stolen from barn on CR 139. Deputy responded to investigate.

Deputies assisted LCEMS with a lift assist on CR 133.

Deputy assisted Jailers with two inmates at the Lee County Jail.

Deputy and LCEMS responded to CR 302. One female transported to a medical facility.


Respectfully yours,

Garrett Durrenberger

Sheriff, Lee County